JavaCro'17 Conference

HUJAK (Croatian Java User Association) and HrOUG (Croatian Oracle User Group), as organizers, proudly present the biggest JavaCro conference of all time.

From 10 to 12 May 2017 in the Island Hotel Istra on the island of Sv. The JavaCro'17 - we organize a multi-day international conference devoted to Java technologies, which is organized for the sixth time in a row by the Croatian Association of Java Users (HUJAK) and Croatia Oracle user group (HrOUG). Venue place is also known as the Red Island, just a ten-minute boat ride from the beautiful Rovinj center. This year, the conference had 50 lectures in four tracks, and about 280 participants.


Big thank you goes to the participants, speakers and sponsors of the conference. Next JavaCro conference will be 9.-11.5.2018.

Hope to see you there.



All lectures what we collected were on conference Program


Selection of pictures you can find on Javacro Facebook page -  Facebook stranicu JavaCro konferencije.


Official JavaCro and HrOUG conference Vloger, Krunoslav Gašparić (Kroonchek) made few VLOG's dedicated to the JavaCro conference: 
 First day VLOG #70
 Second day VLOG #71
 Third day - Please subscribe to the Kroonchek youtube channel and you will be informed when vlog 3 will be ready.


Best lectures by stream:


Branko Mihaljević, Aleksander Radovan (HUJAK) - One Thing to Rule Them (Us) All
 75 survey tickets
 Lecturer = 4,80
 Lecture = 4,73

Trends & Future

Tomislav Nakić-Alfirević (Amphinicy) - Getting test data for your Java solution: as hard-core and as fun as they come!
 15 survey tickets
 Lecturer = 4,93
 Lecture = 4,87

Core Java, Frameworks & Servers

Tom Cools (Info Support) - Anticipating the fallacies of distributed computing with the Netflix OSS
 26 survey tickets
 Lecturer = 5,00
 Lecture = 4,92

Methodologies & Tools

Daniel Strmečki ( - Test-drive your Web components development 
 27 survey tickets
 Lecturer = 4,78
 Lecture = 4,89

Web & Mobile

Hrvoje Crnjak (Pet minuta) - Session is Dead - Long Live JWT
 62 survey tickets
 Lecturer = 4,71
 Lecture = 4,69