Getting test data for your Java solution: as hard-core and as fun as they come!


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Friday, 12. May 2017., 15:40


Hall D



As years pass, Java maintains its status as the default technology ecosystem in the space industry. Every so often in between designing REST interfaces, JPA mappings and scalable multi-threaded architectures, Amphinicy engineers get a toy to play with a task that doubles as "serious work". This time the trigger was testing: what does one do for testing when one builds satellite communications solutions for ground stations? If you have a few hundred thousand Euro and a year or two to spare to launch your own satellite, go for it! If not, "eavesdropping" on existing satellites is the best runner-up choice.As of late 2016., Amphinicy operates its own little improvised ground station, right in the middle of down-town Zagreb! What kind of systems we build, what we've learned along the way and all the ways a ground station built with pocket change electronics returned lavish dividends on the time invested in its set-up is for us to know and for you to find out - at JavaCro 2017! ;)

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