Java EE 8 - We're almost there!


Core Java, Frameworks & Servers

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Friday, 12. May 2017., 09:30


Hall A



Quite a few things have changed since the original Java EE 8 proposal. This session will describe in details what Java EE 8 will be.We will cover in details the new capabilities that are slated for inclusion in the Java EE platform, e.g.- JAX-RS 2.1’s new Reactive client API- Bean Validation 2.0 improvements- Servlet 4.0 HTTP/2 support- CDI 2.0 Asynchronous events- The addition of a new JSON Binding API, i.e. JSON-B 1.0- A new cross-platform security context- Etc.This session cover in details Java EE 8. At that time (May), all specifications should be in Public Draft (i.e. the last passes before being finalised) so this session will depict a good picture of Java EE 8 (to be finalised in the summer)

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