Keycloak – hands-on experience in deployment and customisation


Core Java, Frameworks & Servers

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Thursday, 11. May 2017., 15:00


Hall D



HTSSO implements authentication protocols for securing Web apps and RESTful Web services. HTSSO is based on the Keycloak solution.In this session we'll share with you our experience in implementing Keycloak in Croatian Telekom. Our experience with designing cluster solution and migration of applications integrated into SSO environment and our extensions to Keycloak in order to support legacy protocols (which, of course, we had :) ).Using available Keycloak adapters for many different development environments, complexity and development time per client integration is significantly reduced.Information available via Keycloak GUI and Event Management System is giving us a better insight into system's internal state and usage per clients and users.Flexible model with lots of SPI's allowed us to easily implement all necessary adjustments in order to achieve corporate 'look and feel' and meet all business functional requirements.Our extensions included extensions of database model, session management, additional authentication methods and protocols, and, at the same time keeping the Keycloak core intact, thus, ensuring the quality and the security of integrated apps.During this session, maybe you find out that recently (perhaps even today) you had an active session on our Keycloak!

Coauthor: Šimun Šunjić

Web developer with over four years of hands-on experience in designing, building, testing
and supporting web business applications mostly in Java and other backend / frontend technologies.

Coauthor: Vjekoslav Vraničić

Graduated on Faculty of Organisation and Informatics in Varaždin, Croatia. Software architect and developer in Croatian Telekom with 8 years of experience, out of which 5 years in Java technologies. Developed and integrated several IPTV, mobile and fixed value add services and service platforms. Areas of interest: Software architectures, Security, Designing high availability software systems, open-source, business support systems and processes.

Coauthor: Stjepan Lipnik

Graduated on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. Software architect and developer in Croatian Telekom. Passionate about programming, technology in general, open-source software enthusiast. Worked on several projects on designing, implementing and integrating identity management systems and processes.

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Type: Lecture
Experience Level: Experienced
Desirable listeners function: Developer , System Analyst , System Arhitect

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