The Obsidian way: three different runtimes, 3 different demos


Core Java, Frameworks & Servers

Date and time

Friday, 12. May 2017., 09:30


Hall B



At Red Hat we started a new initiative called Obsidian -- a way to unify user experiance with micorservices and OpenShift across different runtimes: our own WildFly Swarm and Vert.x, and of course very popular SpringBoot. The goal is to have many different Red Hat and other popular open-source projects / products work out of the box with all these 3 different runtimes (and on OpenShift), hence making user’s life a lot easier.In this presentation we’ll quickly glimpse over these 3 runtimes, current ongoing Obsidian work, already integrated projects, and end with a quick demo(s) -- if time permits on all 3 rutimes.

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Experience Level: Experienced
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