Next generation e-Commerce combining Hybris, IBM Watson and Adobe Experience Manager


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Thursday, 11. May 2017., 10:30


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Hybris as a Service and Adobe Experience Manager integration as an example of a smart store, eg. store without a cashier, in combination wih IBM Watson. The store is based on automated processes of adding wished products in (virtual) cart and payment of those, where the customer only needs to choose the product. Employee tasks are replaced using different combination of hardware.

Hybris as a Service is a Hybris platform in cloud. YaaS offers wide range of services for implementation of e-commerce systems. YaaS services are RESTful which gives freedom in choosing technologies for implementation of a system. YaaS is great for systems that are running on microcomputers and microcontrollers since all business logic is in cloud. 

Adobe Experience Manager is an enterprise content management system (CMS), more precise - a Web Content Management System (WCMS). Adobe Experience Manager helps in creation, organization, and management of serving creative content through digital marketing channels including web and mobile platforms, email, user communities and video. 

IBM Watson is a supercomputer which connects artificial intelligence and sophisticated analytic software in a system which can think as a human. It can be used across different services available in forms of APIs for the end user where it offers unlimited possibilities. Some of the functionalities are human speech analysis in real time, understanding more than ten human languages, IoT system support. 

Chosen technologies are leaders in their areas and present one of the most sophisticated solutions in world of CMS, e-Commerce and artificial intelligence. The topic of this paper is their combination in an everyday use-case, with the goal to show how enterprise systems can be combined in a unique entity and improve when we change the way we access them. That way every of mentioned systems keeps its integrity and justifies its presence.

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